Monday, October 5, 2009

Swiffer Sweeper Cloth Crochet pattern

What kind of crochet pattern would be appropriate to be the first on Crunchy Crochet.  Well,  this one represents our families goal to use less, waste less and make more instead of buying mass produced things.  Want to see what I mean, go on over for a visit at my house.

I know there are so many already online but this being a product close to my heart, I designed this one to have a few functions, sweep, mop and dust really well.  It glides across the floor so easy and even though I made this one in organic unbleached cotton yarn, you could make it out of any kind of yarn and the acrylic ones (though I don't really use them very much) would probably attract dirt because of static electricity.

I have a patent pending on a similar product at my Etsy store the green market  which we sew and have been selling for a few years.  I thought the best way to combine my two worlds would be to make a crochet version.

So, you want to see if it works huh?  Here the dirt shot,  I do have dogs and kids but we vacuum constantly and I will still able to pick all this up.

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