Monday, October 5, 2009

On the publishing of crochet patterns...

I have so many patterns that I have written in the last two years, most of the baby ones were during my hours in bed this last pregnancy.  I am a major procrastinator and it is very difficult for me to stick to and finish one project because I always have so many new ideas coming into my brain.  I was also disheartened by a little problem a fellow crochet designer had this year with someone copying her designs and selling those patterns on Ebay.  Unfortunately, I was the one who found out and I saw the whole process she had to go through and the whole while the lady would not admit what she had done.  I work really hard to come up with my patterns.  Those are hours that I take away from other things that I could be doing and I would be heart broken if someone did not respect that fact and decided to steal one of my designs... one of my babies.

That being said,  if I don't take the chance and put my patterns out there, then I will never have the satisfaction of sharing them with the world.  After much reading and investigation into copyright laws (as well as numerous attorney folk in my family and my husbands family), I am taking the plunge.  I am in the process of going through my notebooks (that is were I keep all the patterns I write) and picking the ones that I think others will really like.  Stay tuned for many many patterns which I will be working, having tested and publishing.

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