Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Candy corn goodie bag and booties... it must be fall

Candy corn is my all time favorite candy well besides the really bad for you circus peanuts.  When I was little my mom would tell us to throw away any unwrapped candy from my trick or treat bag.  I would secretly eat all the unwrapped candy corns and then spend the night thinking that any minute now I was going to die. I still eat my candy corns one color at a time.

If you love it as much as I do then you may like my latest projects.  I put aside my pile of finished but not yet tested crochet patterns as well as my guilt, to work on these in time for fall.
These booties are so comfy that Olivia did not take them off for pretty much the entire day.  She did forget about them while I was washing them but once she saw them it candy corn shoe love all over again.
It is hard to tell from the pictures but I designed these booties to be shaped just like the real thing.  These are worked from Lily cotton yarn and with one ball of each color you could easily make about 4 pairs or a pair of booties and this candy corn goodie bag which I first made for my Livie and then decided to make the pattern to offer in m Etsy store along with the pattern for the booties.
This goodie bag is super easy to work up and it can fit quite a bit of loot.  The handles are soft enough for your little one to carry on their own (until you become the designated candy holder). 
Here is a picture of it laying flat and a special offer only for my blog readers... Buy one pattern and receive the other for $1.  Shhh its our secret but you must remember to mention my blog in the checkout and I will refund the difference through paypal right away.

And after a few days of being her favorite shoes they are looking a teeny bit fuzzy but still good.
What's your favorite fall candy?
Happy Fall everyone

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  1. Hi,
    Do you offer the candy corn bootie pattern? I would like to purchase it but don't know where, its so adorable.
    thank you